adult literacy program

Along with the e-Shala initiative, Menda Foundation provides an Adult Literacy Program, developed by TCS, to give primary education for adults in the rural areas. The program aims to teach the basics of alphabets and arithmetic, which are indispensable in day to day activities, including farming and business. The program is approved by the Government of India.

Benefits of the program

  • Basic education for adults living in rural areas
  • Development of functional mathematics and alphabet skills
  • Scope for application of knowledge in daily activities
  • Increased productivity and quality of life through improved social functioning


  • Educating adults in villages during the evening with the help of the e-Shala infrastructure installed in schools

A Future of Possibilities

With the help of social initiatives and partnerships with like-minded organizations, Menda Foundation continuing on the path towards a brighter future filled with new and exciting possibilities, where every individual has access to quality education, enabling them to achieve their dreams.