This initiative is a unique platform, which has brought in different organisations together to provide a complete solution, revolutionizing the delivery of information in the educational context. The program is the result of thorough research and partnerships with various social enterprises. Menda Foundation is the ideation and Funding Partner in this initiative. The program involves systematic selection of under-served schools, implementation of latest LED based digital projector or TV monitor with syllabus-based content in Kannada/English for various subjects. The digital equipment is solar powered to ensure predictability in usage and sustainability of the solution.

Benefits of the program

  • Improvement in the quality of classroom teaching.
  • Increase in attendance and reduction of drop-outs in schools.
  • Learning effectiveness and ability to visualize.
  • Better understanding and retention of the subjects.
  • Supplementing resource material for teachers facilitates lesson planning.
  • Promotion of sustainability through the use of energy efficient solar powered technology.


  • e-Shala kits have been installed in more than 350 schools, benefiting close to 30,000 students