Social initiatives have become a necessity in today’s global landscape. The time has arrived for people to break out of their comfort zones, for the government machinery to swing into action and for corporate organizations to look beyond expansions and profits. Menda Foundation, established in 1990, represents this much-needed change through its groundbreaking social initiatives.

The Foundation was set up as a charitable trust by the Group Chairman of RMZ Corp, Arjun Menda, who is a philanthropist, closely associated with the Rotary Club in all their Scholarship and Educational activities since 1972.

An Unwavering Commitment


Harnessing the power of education to create a paradigm of positive change


  • Provide scholarships for children from marginalized background
  • Equip students with solar solution through Light for Education projects
  • Light up hostels and schools by promoting renewable energy sources
  • Enhance the learning experience of the rural children through "e-Shala" projects
  • Enrich lives of undereducated adults in rural areas through the Adult Literacy Program

Identifying the Obstacles

Central to the issues plaguing the nation is the lack of education, especially in rural areas. While it is the right of every child to receive education, due to the meagre income of families in rural India, this need is often overlooked and the children are expected to help their parents in routine chores and contribute towards the family income.

the Challenges facing education

  • Absence of electricity
  • Poor infrastructure
  • Lack of educational impetus
  • Economic compulsions
  • Distorted student - teacher ratio

Making a Difference

Menda Foundation’s social initiatives are designed to give rise to an environment of hope and equitable progress, with a strong focus on education. The idea is to empower future generations with the help of knowledge, illuminating a future of infinite potential.

The Initiatives

  • Light for Education - Providing solar-powered LED lamps and cost effective lighting in schools
  • e-Shala - Providing schools with state of the art LED projectors with monitor and digital content
  • Hostels Lighting – Providing solar panels that will effectively support the lighting requirements throughout the hostel
  • Scholarships - providing financial assistance to deserving underprivileged candidates
  • Adult Literacy Program – Providing primary education for adults in rural areas
  • Fitness Park - Equipping municipal parks with outdoor fitness equipments

Strengthening by Scholarships

With the aim of providing equal opportunities for learning, without any compromise to the quality of education, Menda Foundation’s Scholarships program is the result of a vision to empower India’s youth with knowledge. Menda Foundation has collaborated with different charitable organizations to give scholarships for school, pre-university and university education, to poor and deserving candidates. An assessment is conducted for all applications and the financial support is given to students above 8th grade until they complete their higher education.

Benefits of the program

  • Ensuring equal learning opportunities for underprivileged children
  • Empowering future generations to achieve their academic goals
  • Students helped by the Foundation have contributed to the trust for the benefit of future students


  • Approximately 700 scholarships given out each year
  • Close to 100 students graduate and are able to join mainstream society